In a nutshell

Playing with symbols and words.

In a nutshell, I love you.

The seed of the idea for this lovely new locket came to us while at the British Museum. Steve came across a beautiful nut reliquary that opened to reveal an exquisitely carved religious scene. We were joking around with the idiom 'in a nutshell' when we realised it would make a great locket. After the success of our Heart of Gold pendant, the idea of putting a little puff heart inside was simple.


From small seeds......

We chose the acorn not just for its cute shape but also because as a symbol it represents potential and strength which fits in so beautifully with the overall message we wanted the locket to construe. Our daughter made the first clay model from which  we created the wax moulds, these had to be reworked a number of times. Beau at the casters added an invisible hinge and magnetic closing to create the final piece. We think it works on so many levels, we hope you agree.


Bursting with symbolism


A beautiful piece of jewellery that opens to reveal a secret.


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